The Ubiquitous Experience is a musical project created by composer, and frontman Aloysius Murphy, infusing psychedelic blues with soulful, folk rock.  The band is a free flowing group of musicians, that never takes a solid formation.  Like water flows, the poetic prose painted across an audible canvas, brings comfort to the ears, reminding us that we are not alone...yet, we are one.  With a background in the military, then forcing himself into corporate slavery, and the rat race society, Alo broke free from the mold, and walked the road for years, figuring out what his true intended path would be.  Healing through sounds, vibrating, in, and around the clouds, down through the belly, beneath the ground, back unto the heart...For Love...is the only way to be.  No matter the pains of society's blinded eyes, and what seems to be the never ending battle of ego against our highest true self, there is a way to raise the vibration.  Now backed by his solid heart chakra brother, Jeremy Higginson, playing deliciously delicate leads, sometimes keys, with adding backing haunting vocals, bassist Dusty Richardson, drummer Stephen Glaeser, and percussionist Jody Warren, this dynamic tribe holds the stage for a fantastic, cinematic explosion for the ears. Love will always conquer fear.



As of August 1st, 2018, 15% of Aloysius Murphy's profits go toward an organization called COVO.  He feels that the way to help heal himself, is to help heal his fellow veteran brothers and sisters, through not only the music, but also donating a portion of his income to an organization that really takes care of our Veterans.  There is an epidemic going on, with 23 military veteran suicides a day, and something needs to be done about it.  Help is on the way, in many forms.  Our country is doing some good things now for their Vets, and he wants the awareness to be brought into the masses, so people help support their service members, rather than shun, or turn a blind eye to them and their needs, due to the sacrifices they have made for this great country.  

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